Menomonee Judo Produces a Strong Showing in Deerfield

November 17, 2012 Deerfield, IL:

It was business as usual for the Menomonee Judo Club at the Veterans Day Judo Tournament in Deerfield, IL this past Saturday. Represented by a group of 25 competitors, the club took home 17 medals as a team. It was a successful day on all levels. ” I was very pleased with our performance as a group. All of our players competed hard and showed poise and sportsmanship both on and off of the mat. “, said Menomonee Judo head instructor Brett Wolf. The group had a nice mix of experienced national level players, along with some of the club’s top up and coming talent. Every participant from the Menomonee got vital match experience that will prove beneficial moving forward. ” Most of our players had not competed at a tournament since late May or early June. They’ve been chomping at the bit to throw and pin people other than their teammates. “, explained Wolf.

The 17 medals included six of the gold variety. It was another in a series of extremely strong performances by Menomonee Judo. It seemed almost certain that the club would go through a rebuilding process with Max Schneider, Andrew Varga and Ben Feiger heading off to college this fall. If the performance in Deerfield is any indication, the cupboard is far from bare. ” Any Judo club in the country would feel the loss of players the quality of Andrew, Max and Ben. What they have done for our club is something that I can’t put into words. It’s our responsibility to build on the legacy that they left at the dojo. Everyone is stepping it up during practice in an effort to keep Menomonee Judo at the top of Judo in the United States. “, proclaimed Howard Wilson, the elder statesman of Menomonee Judo. Howard a 48 year old Marine, is currently ranked the #3 visually impaired 90kg Judo player in the United States. Menomonee Judo will next compete as a group in Milwaukee, WI on January 27, 2013.

Veterans Day TournamentDeerfield, ILNovember 17, 2012

Complete Menomonee Judo results:

1. Abrianna Berg – 2 Gold medals
2. Paul Coons – Gold medal and a Silver medal
3. Manuel Rosenkranz – Gold medal
4. Joe DeFrino – Gold medal
5. Isabella Kurkulis – Gold medal
6. Sydney Audain – Silver medal
7. Audrey Pettigrew – Silver medal
8. Soren Birnbaum – Silver medal
9. Sara Luna – Silver medal
10. David Anderson – Bronze medal
11. Erich Sauer – Bronze medal
12. Ben Glick – Bronze medal
13. Mikey Mutz – Bronze medal
14. Noah Chon – Bronze medal
15. Ava Manrique – Bronze medal
16. Howard Wilson – 1 win
17. Max Samuels  – 3 wins
18. Hiroto Bauer – 1 win
19. Ryan Toulouse – 1 win
20. Jonah Gross – 1 win
21. Gabriel Chon – 1 win
22. Bodie Florsheim
23. Matthew Zehner
24. Matthew Moy
25. Oscar Manrique



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