Menomonee Judo Strikes Gold in Sugar Grove and Takes Home Four State Titles

For Immediate release – Sugar Grove, IL. 4/16/11
The Menomonee Judo Club found precious medals in Sugar Grove this past Saturday, earning eight overall medals at the Illinois State Judo Championships. Competing in their third high level event in the last month, it was another dominant performance by Menomonee. What makes this showing even more impressive was the youth of it’s contingent. With ten of their top older competitors deciding to sit out the competition ( all for valid reasons ), the oldest Menomonee participant was only ten years old. The group of nine competitors was a nice mix of young, hardened tournament veterans and players attending their second or third tournament. This event proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Menomonee Judo Club has the most depth of any dojo in the Midwest. It’s not just a sheer numbers game, although they do have as large a membership as any club. It’s quality depth, where every player showed great skill and determination. 

The future looks extremely bright at Menomonee Judo for years to come. ” I’m extremely pleased with how all of the kids fought. I thought everyone showed marked improvement and gave 100% effort. ” said Head Sensei Brett Wolf. Now that they have successfully completed this very ambitious tournament schedule, their focus turns to the 10th Annual Wolf Junior / Paralympic Judo Tournament. The Midwest Judo community is invited to the Drucker Center on Saturday May 21 for Menomonee’s home tournament. Sensei Wolf couldn’t contain his excitement, ” Congratulations to all of the players, parents, supporters and coaches for making this one of the most successful months in Menomonee Judo history ! ”

Here are the complete results for the Menomonee Judo Club:

Illinois State Judo Championships April 16, 2011 Sugar Grove, IL.

1. David Anderson –    1st place

2. Hiroto Bauer –      1st place

3. Max Antoniou –      1st place

4. Abrianna Berg –     1st place

5. Erich Sauer  –      2nd place

6. Bridget Gibbons –   2nd place

7. Manuel Rosenkranz – 3rd place

8. Michael Mutz –      3rd place

9. Maxwell Samuels –   4th place ( 2 wins )

Totals –

1st place – 4

2nd place – 2

3rd place – 2

4th place – 1


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