Menomonee Judo’s Davis Square Park Judo Program featured in World Judo Day 2012

For Immediate Release – Lausanne, Switzerland ( 10/9/12 )

October 28, 2012 is the second annual World Judo Day. It’s an event that is being organized and promoted by the International Judo Federation. The IJF is the governing body that runs Judo throughout the world. World Judo Day takes place on the birthday of Dr Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo. It’s a day that is dedicated to spreading the word about Judo and all that it has to offer. The theme for the World Judo Day 2012 is ” Judo For All “.

At the Menomonee Judo Club in Chicago, IL, they prove that Judo is a great activity for anyone and everyone on a daily basis. With eleven programs throughout the Chicagoland area, Menomonee Judo has more than 300 members training on a weekly basis. Many of these programs are geared specifically towards participants with disabilities. Menomonee Judo’s membership includes nearly 150 athletes with either visual impairment, a physical disability or an intellectual disability. Judo is both an Olympic and Paralympic sport. The disability requirement to compete in Paralympic Judo is visual impairment.

In May 2012, USA Judo named Menomonee Judo Club a Paralympic Judo National Training Site. One of the main reasons for the appointment was the large group of up and coming players with visual impairment who train at Menomonee and their partner programs. One of these programs is the Davis Square Park Judo Club. Davis Square Judo is run through a partnership between the Chicago Park District, World Sport Chicago and Menomonee Judo. Each Saturday a group of 15 Judo players with visual impairment get together and push each other towards their Paralympic dreams.

The International Judo Federation has taken notice of the work being done at Davis Square Park Judo and featured footage of a class on it’s video to promote World Judo Day. “It’s a great honor for our club to be part of the IJF video for World Judo Day. I love the theme of “Judo For All”. It’s something that we take very seriously at Menomonee
Judo”, said Menomonee Judo head instructor Brett Wolf.

Although Sensei Wolf will be in Belgium coaching Team USA at the Flanders Cup, Menomonee Judo is planning a special event to commemorate World Judo Day.” Our goal is to have at least one member from each of our eleven programs on the mat at the same time on October 28th. ” explained Wolf. As far as Menomonee Judo is concerned, every day should be a Judo day !

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