Paralympic and Military Judo Training Camp in Chicago a Big Success

Chicago, IL – July 19th:

Sensei Mark VinkThis past Saturday, the Menomonee Judo Club – USA Judo Paralympic National Training Site, in conjunction with World Sport Chicago and USA Judo, held a free Paralympic Judo Camp for participants with visual impairment as well as military veterans. The event brought together more than 30 athletes with varying levels of Judo experience. Marc Vink ( Liberty Bell Judo Philadelphia, PA ), 2008 & 2012 Paralympic Games Judo Team Leader came in to help run the event. He was assisted by some of the top coaches in the area, including 2013 USOC Paralympic Judo Coach of the Year, Brett Wolf ( Menomonee Judo Club Chicago, IL ) and the talented and experienced Menomonee Judo staff. The morning session of the event was an introduction to Paralympic Judo for participants with visual impairment and military veterans without any previous Judo experience. The players learned basic Judo falling and throwing techniques.

Photo Jul 19, 3 14 51 PM

After a break for lunch, the staff worked with the more experienced Paralympic players from the Menomonee Judo Club – USA Judo Paralympic National Training Site. These players include 2014 IBSA World Team members, Howard Wilson ( 90kg ) and Sarah Chung ( +70kg ). The 2014 IBSA World Championships take place in Colorado Springs, CO on September 1st – 7th. ” The camp was great. Sensei Vink brought in some really helpful drills and tactics for Paralympic Judo. “, explained Bob Kim, silver medalist in the 66kg VI Division at the 2014 Senior Nationals.

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Back in May, Menomonee Judo sent members of it’s Paralympic team to Reno, NV to compete at the USA Judo National Judo Championships. The team of seven won the overall title in the divisions for players with visual impairment, by taking home five silver medals and two bronze medals.

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“I’m very pleased with the interest and improvement that the Paralympic group in Chicago is making. These camps are a really important tool to build programs like the one here at Menomonee Judo.” said Vink.

For further information on the Paralympic and military Judo programs at Menomonee Judo Club,  please contact Brett Wolf at

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